Women’s Day – We Move Up

Women's day event

Women's Day At FA

Joining Friends and Allies a year ago I realized that the female community of Johannesburg is quite a strong, close and inspiring group of women. It inspired me to climb harder and to get more involved in the community, and I even made a few very close friends out of it. 

Sharing beta while climbing, drinking a beer on the balcony and talking about “girl stuff” without caring who listens. This ignited the idea to have an event to celebrate the women of our community, giving us the opportunity to become stronger by inspiring one another. It is also an event for women and girls that are new to climbing and unsure of where they fit in to come and enjoy the day with us, and maybe even make a close friend at the event.

We Move Up

The theme of the national women’s day this year is resilience, patience, loving and being strong and that is how the idea of “We move up” was born. All the elements we need as females in the climbing world to get to the top, to send our projects, to go out on adventures, and to achieve our goals and dreams.


“We Move Up” is happening on the 13th of August at 11:00 at Friends and Allies. The day is jam packed with something for every one and the goal of the day is to come together as one, inspired and psyched as hell!

What To Expect

We begin with a yoga session hosted by Jess, who will be doing a heart opening vinyasa practice. After yoga we will have time to climb, socialize and indulge in some cake and cider. 

At 14:30 we will be blessed with two powerful women who will be sharing their stories and words of wisdom, inspiration and knowledge. The talks will be hosted by Mienke Richter from Send Space and the legendary Marianne Schwankhart.  

If you are still craving more psyche, get ready for a movie that will blow your mind! Pretty Strong is a climbing movie that is made by women featuring women, but is something for everyone. It is a movie filled with a lot of screaming, strength and old fashioned girl power.

How To Be A Part Of The Event

It doesn’t stop there, we are also releasing the Scallywags sports bra on the day of We Move Up! It provides the ultimate freedom of movement, comfort and support all in one package plus the style points and street cred of wearing a Scallywags product! The sports bra will be available on the day of We Move Up for R380, after that it will be available for R420.

To be a part of this unforgettable event and experience please go to our Instagram bio and click on the linktree link to book! Packages 1 is R150 which includes entrance, whereas Package 2 is R200 which includes entrance, popcorn, cake and a one of a kind local made scrunchie!

Boys, don’t worry we have not forgotten about you, this event is for everyone so even the boys can come enjoy and support! 

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