We Move Up – Woman’s Day Event

We have hosted one successful big We Move Up event and two smaller events. We are very proud of this movement and hope to make it grow and influence a lot more lives. Bring the community closer and make a safe space where female climbers can grow, get to learn themselves and the community better. Explore and learn new skills and the wonders of the world.

Yes we are doing it again on the 12th of August!

The main two words I want to focus on this year are resilience and creativity. In this modern day and age where social politics is dominating the information sphere – the true essence of womanhood is quickly getting lost in translation. It is within this context that this year the focus for We Move Up  will be resilience and creativity.

The time is here to reconnect with our unique feminine balance between our inner and unique creative ability to transform spaces, ideas and worlds. Our powerful resilient nature, standing up in our influence spheres, bringing change where needed and not stepping away from any challenge or hardships we as a women-hood face daily.

Our creative force and resilient nature are ever growing beings within our whole. Let us strive to rejoin and reconnect as one. As women we should empower ourselves and others around us and avoid the self-created separation caused between us as a result of modern day bias, media-influenced status quo and fear.

We are in a place where women have already learned how to stand up, begin strong and learn how to do more and more things for themselves and be independent but sometimes we forget to give attention to our feminine creative side.  The side of pleasure, sensitivity, seeing the color in this black and white world. I feel it is important to find a balance between being resilient and being creative. 

As women, resilience and creativity are two powerful qualities that can help us navigate challenges, achieve our goals and embrace our unique voice. It is important to remember – resilience and creativity are not fixed traits but skills that can be developed and strengthened over time. Embrace these qualities, nurture them, and let them guide us on our journey to success and self-fulfillment.

Come join us on the 12 of August from 9am to 4pm for a jam-packed day. We are very excited to have The Send Space and Kilnhouse joining us this year to give you one event you will not forget! 

We will start the day off with some pottery painting with Nicola and Michelle from Kilnhouse. Next we will have some cake and tea. Wes will lead a breath work and warm up before we have a climbing session (all the climbs in the gym will be set by female route setters). Next we will head into the Omsight studio for a sex talk and Q&A. The sex talk will be done by Chevon Cawood and the Q&A will be led by Mienke from The Send Space.

We ask if you are joining the day to please bring any sanitary products for girls with. We have decided to do some giving with We Move Up this year. We are going to donate all the sanitary products we have collected on the day to ‘ Home of Hope for Girls’ 

Home of Hope for Girls offers a safe residence to children and teens who have survived abusive situations, predominantly linked to child sex trafficking located in Johannesburg.

This is one event you don’t want to miss out! So book your tickets before it’s too late.

Can’t wait to spend this day with you and celebrate the women in our climbing community.

P.S. Boys are welcome too.

Lidia Skinner

Lidia Skinner

Gym Manager at Friends and Allies

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