We Move Up! 2.0

We Move Up at Delta Park

Women's Slack & Yoga Meet

On Sunday afternoon under the trees, next to a beautiful dam, we all came together for another We Move Up gathering. 

In the middle of the bustling city there is a wonderful park that overflows with nature and tranquility. We came together to take part in two insightful and inspiring workshops and enjoyed a picnic and community in between.

Slacklining in Delta Park

Slacking In The Shade

Women with sun dresses, funky yoga pants and different types of hats came together to take part in a slacklining workshop hosted by Martin Swart and Anjulie Jones.

We learnt about the philosophy behind slacklining and how important it is to maintain a balance between the feminine Venus and masculine Mars elements for the sport to grow and reach new heights in South Africa. After being taught how to rig our lines, we teamed up  and jumped on a line.

Around 10 slack lines of different lengths and heights were rigged between the trees over soft green grass. It was filled with people learning to walk, working together in teams to figure out their own flow and some mastering their skill even further. 

Acro Yoga in Delta Park

Acro Yoga In The Park!

Next we grabbed our yoga mats and a partner and joined Alyssa Ramwell and Kahla Hackner for some thrilling acro yoga!

This was quite a new exciting experience for most. Acro is basically acrobatics and yoga combined with one person on the floor as a base and one person up in the air as a flier. Acro yoga is all about trusting someone with your body and syncing your movements to make some epic poses together. It was magical!

We Move Up 2.0 was an awesome experience, getting to know everyone outside of the normal gym setting and out in nature! It was amazing to see women learn, share new experiences and activities, and grow together!

Everyone is here to learn

A Day For Women To Say 'We Move Up!'

It can be said with certainty that the community definitely moved up together in building a new set of skills and friendships. We hope you guys keep mastering these slacklining skills and acro yoga skills over the holidays! 

We Move Up will be back next year with a bunch of new and exciting adventures! See you soon…

Fun women focused day out
Lidia Beukman

Lidia Beukman

The creator and woman behind the growth of We Move Up! in Gauteng.

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