Tjoms in Arms

Hosted annually after the Friends and Allies fables boulder league, TIA brings setters from around the country to host a full day of climbing. TIA is unlike any other bouldering comp as you compete in teams of two, with 30 qualifying rounds in the morning and a session styled finals in the evening.

TIA Vol.III – Everest Recap

The biggest community bouldering comp flew by in a rush of activity. Here’s the highlights that made the day.

FAA members hugging

Tjoms in Arms 2023

Tjoms in Arms is South Africa’s largest climbing community bouldering competition. 2023 means we’re on Volume III and it’s just getting better. Here’s everything you need to know.

Tjoms in Arms

2022 Tjoms In Arms Recap

TIA Vol. II just went down at FA, the wildest climbing comp in JHB has left us with a big climbing hangover. So join us as we relive the day!

TIA Sponsors & Prizes

The real prizes are the Tjoms you made along the way. That said, we all love to win, especially things and if the title isn’t enough, we have some awesome sponsors who have donated some awesome prizes.

How to 'Tjoms in Arms'

Chune your chom, get tickets, and come prepared. The day starts with a 2-hour qualifier session. Following which, you can relax with food and drinks available.

The top 4 teams in each category will be invited to compete in the final round in the evening. There are of course prizes to be won.

The Nitty Gritty

TIA is a team based event, so you have to climb and compete with a tjom. You can partner with anyone you like and, depending on who you choose, you’ll fall into one of three categories. We have guys climbing with guys, guys climbing with gals and gals climbing with gals.

When: September 2nd 2023(9:00- 23:00)
Where: FA – 10 Naaf street Strydom Park