Tjoms in Arms & What To Expect On The Day

Tjoms in Arms

A lot of thought has gone into Tjoms in Arms

What does it even mean to add diversity to the climbing scene in SA, something we really think about in moments of existential crisis? Why host a competition, surely that’s already been done already? 

What is it about climbing that makes it truly special? Well yes, getting to the top is really rewarding and a great challenge, is there something more to it though?

Is it really just about keeping fit and getting out into nature? Is climbing something more, the medium we use to develop and maintain meaningful relationships?

When everything is stripped away; the fear of society replaced with the fear of death; the pressure to conform replaced with the pressure to perform, you truly get to know a person.

When your very life relies on the person you’re spending the day with, it’s easy to move past the posturing of modern society and trust your partner completely. 


The importance of the climbing community

Our community is very special to us. We took a leap and really trusted that we’d be caught, which happened in an incredible way.

A comp that gives back to our community was sitting in the back of our minds for a while. How do we encourage this friendship building environment we feel out on rock in an indoor environment?

Take away the individuality of indoor climbing and replace it with teamwork, driving towards a shared experience that builds people up, encourages them to face their fears and push their limits.

All with the most supportive of relationships, the climbing partnership! Tjoms in Arms, Ubuntu, community.

Friends and Allies

Pulling through & showing up

All you need to do is show up and support your maats through the day, spending time in an amazing place and contributing your energy to the whole experience. 

What is that experience? For us it starts with weeks of prep, organizing the many ingredients required for a tasty Tjom cake.

For you it starts with finding a Tjom and registering your team. This is the most crucial step, one not to be taken lightly.

Find a person who exemplifies what you need in a climbing partner, someone who can crack a smile even when the going is tough, someone who communicates well and someone who is committed to the shared experience of climbing with you.

Tjoms in Arms

What to expect on the day

We have an epic day of setting on the Friday before. Eight final problems that will make the final round and then the real fun part, setting thirty boulders for the qualification round.

You get two hours of fantastic climbing in an awesome setting on limited edition problems.

Get as many zones and tops as possible and add your top ten values together with your Tjom’s and hope it’s enough to get your team into the finals. Hang out for the vibe and prepare yourselves for the chaos of the finals. 

Climbing Comp

What we're building towards

Once the finals start, say goodbye to all thoughts of rationality as the vibe consumes you and you witness the effect that crazy energy can have on climbing performance. Is there anything more exciting than someone barely hanging on for a few moves in row, only to pull it out the bag and latch the final hold at the last second? We don’t think so!

After the prize giving, which includes prizes for best dressed, it’s time for all the thank you’s.

There are many things going on behind the scenes, sponsors and helpers galore and without them it wouldn’t be anything close to what it is.

With that final thank you there’s a moment when the bass ripples through your body and you know what’s coming next, the afterparty! The speakers that were toned down for conversational purposes get to show their doof and the DJ knows what you need, it’s time to get rowdy. 

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