Tips To Survive While We’re Closed

Survival tips
Survival tips

As we all know this year has come to an end, a year filled with epic FA events and climbing, having to survive without power, and trying to work out the high petrol price for climbing trips. Luckily the long awaited December holiday is here.


The next question will be, “what will I do this holiday?” Don’t fear, here are a few things to keep you busy over the December holidays until your favorite climbing gym opens again on the 9th of January.


This blog post will give you the details of which climbing trips are happening and even a tip and trick for if you are riding on the staying at home wagon.


An epic crew is making their way down to Golden Gate National Park from the 16th of December until after New years. 


Yes, you read that right, there is climbing at Golden Gate! The climbing is focused on bouldering and has some of the most breathtaking boulder problems to be found outside of the Western Cape. The area has had a lot of attraction and development over the past few years and is ready for you to come and crush hard.


Route difficulties range from 5a to 8a, so make sure you pack in enough chalk, tape and a brush….and don’t forget your climbing shoes.


Camping and rondavel accommodation is available on the Sanparks website. Make sure you get a hiking permit from the Glen Reenen Rest Camp offices because getting caught without one will jeopardize access to this amazing area.




When you want to take a break from climbing and grow more skin, you have to take a look at the classic Clarens town, filled with a few quaint restaurants and breweries and little shops to explore.


We are all very familiar with Waterval Boven. A few crews will be in Boven over the holiday period for some of South Africa’s best sport climbing routes. 


Boven offers a variety of accommodation options. One of these is the very famous Roc and Rope based in town, which gives you access to the waterfall crag, Flying is fun, and Coven. If you are still new in climbing or new to this area, head to Roc and Rope and book a guided climbing trip with one of their awesome and qualified instructors. They also offer a guided abseil  next to the Waterfall of the Elands river.


Just outside of the beautiful Boven town is the lovely Tegwaan. They are situated at the famous Restaurant crag. They also offer hikes, swimming, and fishing. Tewgaan is running a 20% discount on accommodation if you stay for 2 nights or more from the 1st to the 15th of December.


Last but not least there is also camping at Tranquilitas, which has a large range of crags filled with epic and famous must-do climbs. 


If you decide you are riding on the stay at home wagon this holiday, don’t worry, here is a DIY project that will keep you busy. It also doubles as a sick product that you can use after the job is done.


If you have old climbing ropes on their way to retirement, this piece is for you. There are a few things you can do with your old climbing rope so that they don’t lay around taking up space.


A few ideas are a dog leash, rope beer koozie, rope wine holder, rope lawn chair or even a chalk bag, however today we will be looking at how to make a rope rug! If you’ve seen the rope rug at the entrance of FA gym and wondered how to make it, now you can make your own!


This link will give you a step by step guide on how to make your own climbing rope rug!

Last but not least if you have a paid up membership at FA , the gym will be open at certain times in the holiday….. 


Hope you guys have a wonderful festive season and holiday! Go wild but be safe!

Picture of Lidia Skinner

Lidia Skinner

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