TIA Sponsors & Prizes

I’ve climbed with some of the best climbers in the world; more importantly, to me, they are some of the best people in the world. That’s another reason why I climb.

Jim Wickwire

The real prizes are the Tjoms you made along the way

That said, we all love to win, especially things and if the title isn’t enough, we have some awesome sponsors who have donated some awesome prizes. 

Last year we had some amazing prizes and sponsors. It is quite overwhelming what support you can receive when your goals align, and quite simply, you just have to ask. We reached out to the people who we know share a similar vision and they delivered! We had some nights away in Boven at Roc and Rope and Mayhem Mountain Adventures. Talking about Boven, Danny got involved by sponsoring some free resoles. How perfect. 

We had our in house gear shop Vertigo Gear bringing in some goods. And on top of that we had our Tjoms from 10 Naaf Street, Made in Workshop, Spark Cafe and Shy! Brewing help out with organizing and providing the space, flow of beverages, spot prizes and trophies. Mamma Mushroom made the merch for you to stand out.  There is of course us, Friends and Allies and Scallywags Climbing, but there is no need to talk about us, we are always around.

This year we put even more thought into who we want our sponsors to be and what we actually want them to sponsor. We had some amazing people that surprised us last year and we think it’s important to get new and different people involved every year. TIA is a community based comp and we looked to the people having an influence in the community. We want to show the competitors and the climbing community that there are other brands at play here and get everyone in our community involved.

Tjoms in Arms

City Rock- Ocun climbing shoes

R18 000 Total value

Contrary to popular belief, FA and CR actually do support each other and there is a constant flow of communication as to how we can help each other, and help climbing. I know, it might seem crazy, a climbing gym supporting another climbing gym’s competition.

We are very excited to show the community how powerful this relationship actually is and we are very grateful to CR for their support.

They are sponsoring not 1, not 2 but 6 pairs of Ocun climbing shoes to the winners in each category. Just to clarify, this doesn’t mean you get 6 pairs;) you get one.

There are a total of 6 winners so 6 pairs are required. Now, it’s not just a random shoe either, you get to go to CR and choose the Ocun shoe of your choice. Hot dam, now that’s a prize, a fresh new pair of kicks.

Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) Johannesburg Section

R 3000 - Total value - but the actual value is much, much more.

The Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA), well the name says it all. A club and community that is for all things mountain orientated.

This club is hella old, founded in 1891 in Cape Town. They have consistently supported and developed the outdoor scene for the last 130 years or so. A

ll that time, effort and development they are now offering you access to. Hiking, climbing, expeditions, youth meets, outreach, conservation, mountain rescue, and nationwide events are what are on offer through the MCSA.

For the homies coming in second place across each category, the MCSA will be sponsoring a R1000 voucher.

You can use this as a portion of your MCSA membership or to buy some permits for you and your Tjommies to go out hiking. You can really use this voucher as you please. This prize opens so many doors. So many doors you didn’t even know existed.


Petrol Vouchers - R 1500 Value

So easy when you are the host. Just chuck in a couple of memberships, maybe a free coffee voucher or two. But we like to think that you guys think we think about things just a little more.

We are here to help provide and encourage some amazing experiences and we use this crazy medium of climbing to do it. We want to help get you guys out so you can create some of these experiences.

Scallywags Climbing will be sponsoring R500 in petty vouchers to the amigos finishing in 3rd so you can get to your next adventure . We recommend you crack a window and turn that air con off to take you just that little bit further.

Black Diamond South Africa

BD headlamps and chalk - Value R 2 400

Black Diamond has been making equipment for the true climber bros since the heyday of Yosemite and have been supporting climbers and the climbing scene in SA for many years.

We’ve got two new Black Diamond headlamps up for grabs valued at over R2000. Yes, guys, the load shedding is still shedding and you couldn’t ask for a more functional prize.

This is a special one. This prize is going to the pair of tjoms who embrace the whole journey. We’re talking about the big picture. Their values and their interactions. The way they teach, mentor and learn.

I guess we can call these guys, true team players. For everyone else that is on the same journey, we have some dank license disk holders and blocs of chalk for ya in each qualifying session.

Made in Workshop

Knifemaking course - Value R 2000

MIW, the shop downstairs, and the building where our little climbing gym lives.

We started our relationship long before the gym. Back in 2018. We weren’t even in the same building back then. But times have changed and we are here now, still supporting each other.

They are hosting a knife-making course, and any outdoor enthusiast can understand the value of having a knife on them. Whether it’s to cut up some chow, open a can of pillies, or to cut the rope, yeah yeah, I’m talking Cliffhanger vibes.

Having a knife you have made can only be something to be excited about. This prize goes to the team that slayed on the day. No need to explain that. Just slay away. 

We are always extremely grateful to MIW. They have supported us from the get-go and are instrumental in the running of the whole event. Big tops to MIW and the team that makes it all come together.

Shy Brewery

A Bunch of beers - Value priceless

Our favorite slayers of thirst will have a bunch of beer up for grabs.

These guys were the MVP’s in lockdown, after a hard day of sanding they would arrive with a cold brew and let’s say it doesn’t get much better than that.

The little things

We do have some smaller things on the cards. We have a photo shoot for the best dressed.

We have a sports massage for the most injured individual. And for the team on the bottom of the log. No worries, better luck next year and we got a free Scallywags technical coaching session for ya. And we guarantee that you will not bottom out again. A few other things to be handed out on the day but I guess you will only find out if you are there.

That’s that. A huge thank you to everyone involved and supporting our vision. Without all these brands listed above, we could never have had as much of an effect on the climbing industry and the community. Much love and thank you for all the support.

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