The Radest, Badest Holds Around!

Friends and Allies, a psyched climbing gym in an endless sea of holds.

That feeling of sliding your finger perfectly onto the balance point, hard skin grinding over the textured grip, you stick it. You just landed the crux move on your project, you flow onto the next move and before you know it, you sent your latest project on our brand new holds!

It is hard to describe the feeling of excitement crisp, new climbing holds can inspire in a climber, or just how stoked we get when whole grades of never before touched holds and volumes just appear in the middle of industrial Joburg, Where we ensured all our Friends and Allies have front mat seats to enjoy the psych! We are excited to share our Unit, Bluepill and Blocz climbing holds, just come speak to us and find out what that means, or even better just come feel them out. Flow directly here for your climbing pleasure, these holds are dripping with good vibes and stoke, all for you to come froth over.

If you haven’t already, you will feel that new hold quality, the texture, the shape, that incredible friction that just attracts stoke. We have holds for routes on which you can impress your gran on, while also having holds that will make even Roger Natrass give you praise for sending a route. In short, we have world class quality holds for all our Friends and Allies.

We also really have to thank the peeps who donated so many of their personal holds to us. Without these holds, we would never have been able to complete the visionary 40° spray wall. This wall has come alive through your holds, becoming the training-beast it was always wanted to be. An overhanging monster created with the newest and most cutting edge holds in the country, while at the same time carrying forward the vision of the old school 80’s and 90’s crushers.

While the holds on the walls define Friends and Allies as a high performance climbing centre, it is FA’s climbers who determine its nature. Ultimately, all this fanfare over climbing holds at FA comes down to a simple truth. FA is the place where friends come together, psych each other up to climb hard and giving some stoke after that last burn just didn’t quite make the send.

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