The New Kat Behind The Desk

FA's Brand New Peep Behind The Counter

Howzit FA Family, my name is Kat and I’m the latest addition to the team – some of you may have seen me lurking around the gym over the last two years. I am frothy to be able to join the team and contribute what I can to the incredible community FA has been building.

How It All Started

I got into climbing at the start of 2020. I went down a YouTube rabbit hole of weight-lifting technique videos and popped out the other end with insane trad-ventures consuming my brain. I just remember thinking to myself “I have to do this”. So I joined the climbing club at TUKS – Exploratio – and served on the committee for two years. 

While serving on comm, part of my duties was instructing new members on climbing technique and safety. I found this to be a very rewarding process. It was incredibly engaging to be able to give people the tools to interact with this new way of life I’d entered into and was enjoying so much. 

Climbing encompasses so many different spaces – from the crushers in the gym pulling on plastic, to the mad lads on sketchy trad missions. Personally, I’ve always found the adventure side of climbing more appealing, even though I do struggle with fear a lot. Trad multi-pitches remain the form of climbing I’ve done most, not bouldering or sport, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Enter Friend and Allies

In September of 2020 I stayed in a lovely house in Boven for a short time and met some really rad people – you probably know them, they started FA. They mentioned in conversation that they were going to start a climbing gym in Joburg. I thought it sounded like a cool idea but didn’t give it much more thought. 

Fast forward to December 2020/January 2021, I heard they were actually building the thing and needed some help. I was super stoked – and a little bored, as holidays in Joburg aren’t the most stimulating – so I trotted on over and asked what I could do to help. See the cornices above the climbing walls? Yeah. That shoddy craftsmanship was my doing.

FA as a Home

Since the gym opened I’ve been a loyal member. Not because of the reasonable rates – they are very reasonable though – but because of the community. FA has become a home away from home. I’ve made tonnes of new friends and learned and grown as a person. FA is my happy place. There’s always someone to chat to or climb with or someone who’s frothy for some outdoor frolicking. 

I’m endlessly grateful to the team, for having the vision and the drive to make it a reality. I can’t wait to play a role in that and get more people to join the FA Family and climbing community at large. 

So... What do I do?

During the days I work at a nursery based in Northcliff and so part of my mission at FA will be to infuse the gym with some jungle vibes. I’m planning on introducing more and more… and more plants to the space over time. Just ask my roommates, with me around, the plants multiply. I think adding more green to our spaces is good for our minds, bodies, and souls – so I plan to dedicate time to this project. 

From now on some of you will see me behind the desk during the evenings. I know my resting facial expression looks scary, but I promise I’m friendly! Come and have a chat, I’d love to get to know you all better. 

That’s it from me for now, now you know a bit about me and my saaik for the gym. I’ll check you tjommies on the balcony. 

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