The Mayhem Woof in 2022

Mayhem Woof

Community is the basis of what we do at the Mayhem

Over a few weekends in February, March and April the FA community has been hard at work getting the Mayhem Mountain Adventures Campsite in top shape for the Mayhem Mountain Festival. It’s been amazing to see just how psyched people are to contribute to giving back and building something that their maats can all enjoy.

The Mayhem Mountain Festival is all about the community that makes it happen every year, and this year we have been able to expand the circle of people who contributed with the Mayhem Woofing weekends.

What blows our minds every time is the thought that people are willing to pull through on their own cost, to volunteer their time and energy for a day in exchange for a meal at night and the greater goal of hosting the best highline fest in Africa. We really are blessed with a stoked community to help with the development of the sports we love!

Mayhem Woof
The shower block under construction during the second woofing weekend

Woofing! What's it about?

Traditionally Woofing stands for Working On Organic Farms, we changed it up a bit but kept to the core of the tradition. Although Oribeni, the farm on which Mayhem is situated, is not organic, we were able to create some organic memories over the weekends everyone pulled through to help build.

The main goal of these weekends was the creation of more ablution facilities for the fest, as Mayhem only has two permanent showers and toilets. The plan was to create 8 additional composting toilets in the Freaky Forest and build an additional shower block with two more hot showers.

The first weekend saw the clearing of paths and the construction of the composting toilets. The morning went by in a blast of music and laughs while the work got done. At the end of the day one team had cleared the forest to what would eventually become the toilet blocks while another team made the stands for the toilets. As soon as we were done we all left to enjoy the Mayhem valley with all the climbing and highligning it can provide.

Obviously the weekends were spent doing more than just the manual labor. Jess, Jess and Steph getting involved with the rigging for the 30m highline

Making friends and jamming out

The following weekend was spent getting the showers set up just right and moving the donkey to a higher location to ensure that water pressure is optimal for all the showers, we expect them to see a lot of traffic over the fest. As things stand Mayhem has four showers and eight toilets, all thanks to the labor that some maats were willing to give for the fest.

The final Woofing weekend saw a more artistic side, with Jen from Mama Mushroom Design giving artistic direction on the signs that needed to be painted and situated. The Emgwenya Climbing Club from town also joined us this weekend to help with some path building to the various crags that will see traffic on the weekend. When all the work was done we had the opportunity to celebrate with a DAM JAM down at Tegwaan. Allowing us to tie all the hard work together as we all had a jol and celebrated the hard work.

Artistic Woof
Jen from Mamma Mushroom Designs and the almost complete Kombuis sign

The Woofing weekends emphasized once more just how powerful our community is in helping us get to the crazy things we envision. Without the help of everyone who pulled through the Mayhem Mountain Festival would not have the facilities it needs to serve the amount of people we are expecting. Thank you again to everyone involved and we hope that everyone at the fest can appreciate the time and effort you gave to building the Mayhem Mountain Fest for greater things.

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