The FA Fables

FA Fables

The FAF we all love

FAF (noun) – An overcomplicated task, especially one perceived as a complete waste of time.

Perhaps the FAF boulder league was a little overcomplicated. Well, that is in terms of a boulder league. Each chapter is themed and thought out, taking you on an epic journey. 

What an adventure it was. We hosted 6, week-long leagues throughout the year. It doesn’t seem all that much but that’s a total of 36 days. Yeah, yeah, that’s over a month of trying hard. 

Why you should appreciate the FAF

We had 30 perfectly choreographed boulders for you during each round. 180 quality blocs. Each set took the setting team about 15 hours. Almost a total of 4 days of setting.

I can understand, to the untrained eye, how one can perceive this as a complete waste of time. But the idea of creating a space where people can gooi and go all out, in a structured manner, can only elevate the level of climbing.

We cannot deny that the people that showed up on a regular basis really took hold of all the benefits as we watched their climbing performance improve drastically.

Growing Joburg's climbing story

FAF for us is more than just our Fables, and it’s definitely not something we perceive as a complete waste of time.

It is maybe the best thing we could have done for the climbing scene in Jozi this year. Besides the 36 days of climbing, it’s the wholesomeness of the league that will really have a deep, long lasting effect.

The smiles on dials, the fist bumps, and high fives, to the weird finger flicks that are unique to you and your tjom. That’s the power right there.

From the laughter, hugs and cheers on the balcony to taking your new homies outside, the fables allowed people to express themselves and write their own stories. Stories that people are psyched on.

We're psyched to see this story continue

Thank you to everyone who was psyched throughout the year to add their story to our FA Fables. 

We can only dream about what next year is going to have instore to continue the story and growth of Jozi’s climbing. 

Much Love 

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