The Dirtbag Olympics – FAs Third Bday

Well just like that FA has turned three. It’s been a crazy few years. The gym has grown in ways we never could have predicted. The space has gotten better and better and the community has grown into such a beautiful and supportive organism. As Wes says, we’ve hit puberty now and our kettlebells have dropped. With that we’re looking forward to growing even more and getting danker than ever.

Enter the Dirtbags

FA loves to do something special for its birthday. We want to share a special celebration with the vibrant tjoms who keep our psych for the space going. This year we decided to do something a bit different. We asked ourselves, what is the ethos we aim to promote in our gym community? Obviously the sacred tradition of Dirtbagging. So, in honour of the upcoming Olympics, we decided to host the very first Dirtbag Olympics.

While it may sound a bit silly, this was a very serious event. It was the ultimate test of a Dirtbags mettle. To determine who ranked the dirtiest on the totem pole we had around 15 different games which allowed you all to showcase your skills. The games themselves ranged from physical tests – such as climbing, balancing and shoe tossing. To more eclectic tests, which included bold activities like “Tinny Tinny Down Down”, “Shirt Swap”, “Mantel the Loft” and my personal favourite – “Nai the Staff”. Which thankfully, did not mean what you might think it means (you had to be there).

An ongoing and espionage-esque game was “Tagging”. Two tags were secretly passed along from competitor to competitor throughout the evening. Trust me when I say, you did not want to end up with a tag at the end of the event. The two unfortunate victims of the tags had to choose between wearing a pair of Pitvipers or a Rasta beanie for the rest of the evening. Poor guys, that’ll teach them to be aware of their surroundings.

As always, there were lekker boeries and drinks floating around for the evening. After some lekker games, lekker chow and lekker drink we settled into the classic FA Bloc party vibe. Nothing like a lekker gym doof.

Energy was high throughout the evening. Loads of skitz conversations flowing between bubbles of tjoms. The “Shirt Swap” game never really ended and we got to see some interesting displays in tank tops…

We love hosting parties and sharing our space with our FAmily in a lekker chilled way. The team at FA extends its effusive thanks to the community that has supported us since the inception of this crazy idea and place. You guys are lank cool. 2024 will see more parties (of course), but we look forward to seeing you at our next birthday bash where we enter our Fabulous Fours. Stay sending tjommies.

Kat Odendaal

Kat Odendaal

Gym Worker at FA

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