Beta spray

The Full View Into Your Friends and Allies. 

We Move Up at Delta Park

We Move Up! 2.0

On Sunday afternoon under the trees, next to a beautiful dam, we all came together for another We Move Up gathering!

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Kloof Fest 2022

Kloof Fest is all about hard crushing gentle sending mixed with some learning and feet finding. Happening all over Boulder, Tonquani and Cederberg kloofs with a group of maats!

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Home climbing gear

Sanding Thoughts

Ever wondered what it takes to make those beautiful Scallywags campus rungs? Aidan gives a look into the Sanding Thoughts he has along the way.

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Boven Open Weekend

2022 Boven Open Weekend

The Boven Open Weekend Is all about showcasing the less known climbing areas in Waterval Boven, while creating a connection with the community and the people that choose to spend time there.

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