The 2022 FAF – The Next Climbing Legend

Climbing into a Johannesburg Training Fantasy in 2022

Since The Dawn Of Climbing There Has Been Competition.

Who was first to the top, who did it in the best style, who did the hardest route, who did it the quickest? Some people love the pressure that comes with competition, some people love the camaraderie of a day climbing with friends. 

Last year we held our first competition: Tjoms in Arms. A new take on an old tradition, a bouldering competition with a twist, climb with a partner and see who has the best team and who has the most fun. A competition doesn’t have to follow the Olympic format to be competitive, as long as everyone agrees to the rules and tries their best you’ve got what you need to add some spice to a day of climbing.

Seeing the 2022 FAF as a Challenge in your Climbing
Palms are sweaty, knees feel heavy, there’s chalk on my tips, am I ready? Edward with his eye on the prize, TIA 2021. Photo: Chris Doman

Introducing The FA Fables, Or The FAF For Short.

The feedback after TIA was amazing; “I didn’t think a comp would be so fun” and it was also surprising; “I had the best day of climbing in a long time, I can’t believe how stiff I was the next day”.

A competitive environment helps you push a bit harder. All you want is to give up and the pressure helps you push through that, it’s one of the secrets to training for climbing!

Using the FAF To Climb harder in 2022
Jemma trying harder than normal at the TIA finals. Photo Chris Doman

FAF Is Your Climbing Fairytale & You're The Hero

Think of the FAF like a fairy tale, it’s fun and engaging in the moment but after it’s done, you are a little wiser and ready to take on the world. Our tale has 6 Chapters or Comps, each one is 6 weeks apart and runs for 6 days. In the final Chapter we see our climbers teaming up again, Tjoms in Arms bravely facing the final boss. 

Is this the real life? Bernie and Mitzi living in the fantasy, TIA 2021. Photo: Chris Doman

The Hero's Journey To Crush Goals Through The FAF

Six weeks is the perfect length of time to have a training cycle, four weeks of serious training, a rest week and a week of high performance climbing.

We love the idea of training hard and just as you’re feeling strong, klapping a fun comp with the maats. Seeing progression in your climbing always builds a bit of psych and motivation for the next phase of training, building these short training cycles on top of each other over time is a sure way to gain serious improvement.

Maats that train together, send together. Andrew and Hannes winning the “have an epic day” contest. Photo: Chris Doman

The FAF Has Been Prophesied As Your Challenge For 2022

One of our goals from the start has been how can we have a positive impact on SA climbing? Raising the climbing level is just one of the ways to do so. FAF provides a week to climb as much and as hard as you can.

TIA is said to be a day where people have never climbed that much in their lives. Now we are going to have 7 of those throughout the year. View this fun, friendly competition as a way to get stronger and to go all out for a week.

It has been strategically planned that there is a 6 week training period in between each Fable. Training for the next Fable helps give you a training goal as well as a tangible result when compared to the previous chapter.

Use each chapter to grow in strength and confidence as we approach Tjoms in Arms 2022.

Chapter 1 of The FAF - The Nut In the Stone

Chapter 1: The Nut In The Stone

It all starts at the beginning, where you unlock the mighty power gifted from the stone.

Join us for Chapter 1, from the 24th to the 29th of Jan.

We have 25 problems on the wall and you have a week to climb as many as you can. 

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