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Shy! Brewing

How Shy! Brewing Started

Shy! Brewing Co. grew from an idea to bringing great beer to great people. Born from a curiosity for the craft and science of brewing beer, its founders, Emile and Dan, both Industrial designers, merged the two things they love most: product development and tasty brews. 

What started as a hobby grew into a passion, which exploded into a business that they run in tandem with their design consultancy. The small batch micro-brewery and taproom are in Strijdom Park, an unassuming industrial business district in the bustling core of Randburg. While the microbrewery is located on the lower level, the Friends and Allies climbing gym sits fittingly up top. 

Through links to the major Joburg-based climbing gyms, the founders of Shy! found a kinship with the beer connoisseurs that climb: Spending hours tirelessly mastering their craft, perfecting their form, and experimenting with new techniques. This resonates with the brewmasters, who are always keen to push their boundaries and experiment with innovative recipes for that perfect story. 

The Shy! guy's simple philosophy

Share great stories through great beer. They believe in supporting those who aren’t afraid to push boundaries; whose hidden talents aren’t something to be Shy about. This philosophy can be seen in Shy’s staple on-tap brews. Each one tells its own unique story and is the perfect partner when sharing your tales of a project you sent or that time you almost decked after a heavy whipper.

One of Shy’s first and most popular brews, UP, was developed with climbers in mind. Always looking for the next move up, always looking for that top out. Best enjoyed while sharing a view of one of Joburg’s iconic sunsets. This highly session-able pale ale packs the fruity punch of South Africa’s juiciest locally-grown hops. 

For those with a more mellow approach, Fuggles, their popular English pub ale never disappoints. The sweet, malty body and the subtle single-hop flavour are a must for those who want to take a step back and chill with friends after a long day of sending. Fuggles is named after a chicken, a photogenic Silkie Bantam with that same laid-back personality but a larger-than-life presence. 

What's on offer?

Shy Brewing Co. also offers seasonal brews that form the perfect partner to a cold Joburg winter night or a hot summer day at the crag. Bocky Bocky is their rich and decadent Bock beer. It has notes of dark chocolate and espresso, perfect for sipping around the glowing embers of a campfire. Their latest beer called Easy is a triple-grain hazy pale ale brewed for hot summer days. Its light and refreshing presence is perfect for sharing a few stories with friends. 

The brewmasters believe in finding balance in sustainable principles and one of their more experimental sour brews, Red Jan, uses homegrown Beetroot from the on-site garden that uses composted spent grain to keep the soil rich and fertile.

Shy Brewing Co. has found amazing support from the climbing community and as they have grown, has endeavoured to return that support where it can. From quenching the thirst of competitors after a day of sending at Boven crags during mountain fests, to bringing the “gees” to the supporters and afterparties of the legendary boulder comps at Joburg’s climbing gym hotspots. 

Come share your story with us at our local taproom, whether you’re a climber, connoisseur, or climingonniosseur.

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