Scallywags Sports Bra

A Climber Sports Bra Is Finally Here

When it comes to climbing; movement, comfort and support are very important. Add in that if you look good, you automatically feel good and that confidence might just help you send your project outdoors or in the gym. With this idea in mind, the Scallywags Climbing sports bra was born. It gives you all the support and comfort, and don’t forget the confidence you’ll need to grow in your climbing journey! 

The bra features a black emerald base with the all so familiar white Scallywags logo on the front, and cross straps at the back giving it a modern look! The Scallywags Sports Bra allows you to maximize flexibility and enjoy full range of motion. As you can imagine, it’s important to maintain a full range of motion so that you can execute the moves necessary to reach the next hold.

Sports bra

The material is ideal for a dip in the kloof pools after a hot day of climbing. It’s also small and easy to pack in for any trip. The sports bra comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. It is available at Friends and Allies climbing gym for R420. If you have any questions about the bra please feel free to come in and ask any of our epic staff to assist you.

This is just the start, we are excited to keep growing and improving the sports bra! So any suggestions or ideas are welcome. 

Let the boobies support local! Grab your Scallywags Climbing Sports Bra today!

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