Rock ‘n Rope Climbing Paradise

Rock 'n Rope Gear Shop

The birthplace of the rock climbing scene in Waterval Boven.

This historical place, founded by Gustav and Alex Janse van Rensburg in 1999, is more than just a lodge and gear shop. It has become a home away from home for all the local climbers around South Africa, and the ideal landing ground for international climbers who do not yet know their way around and would like the ins and outs of climbing and living in Boven.

The parents of the climbing scene in the North, where any climber looking for route finding, and gear advice can rely on the knowledgeable Dad Gustav to have all the right answers; and after they get scolded for not knowing better, they can run to their sweet mom Alex who will comfort them with her interesting tales of all her crazy experiences in the mountains.

Rock 'n Rope Lodge

The place to stay when crushing in Boven

Roc ‘n rope is conveniently located in the heart of Boven town, with just a quick drive up to or down to the various crags scattered around. They are the choice of accommodation when you pack light for your trips.

The backpacker-style lodge hosts a variety of bunk beds and single rooms with shared communal kitchen. The supplied bedding and kitchen allow you to rock up with just yourself and your gear. Rock ‘n Rope is also close to the local grocery and bottle stores so you don’t need to stress about supplies.

Digital nomads can also take to lodging here because it’s the only accommodation with WiFi and probably the best signal in Boven. This allows for longer stays where one can work and play at the same time – balance is important!

Adventure in Waterfall Boven

Gear, Psych and Climbing

The house is usually filled with awesome like-minded people and invites an atmosphere of relaxing and good times cooking or braaing together. It is also convenient if you are new to the area as you will most likely find others here that can give you some advice or good beta on what to climb when and what to expect when doing so.

Across the road is Roc ‘n Rope’s gear shop and rentals which supply Boven with all its climbing gear, so do not fret if you run out of chalk or perhaps just decide you would like to buy a completely new rack. We encourage supporting them if you can as this support comes back to us as a community.

Boven is a climber’s dream, littered with multiple classic sport lines as well as some slightly less explored but still amazing quality Trad lines. Visiting the Waterfall crag is an absolute must and one of the biggest advantages of staying at Roc ‘n Rope.

The approach to the Waterfall can be a little tricky and is therefore advised to make use of the guides at Roc n Rope to assist with the where’s and what’s of getting there. They will either connect you with other climbers planning a trip there or drop you there themselves. Either way, they are the best access to the Waterfall and one of the best experiences you may have of visiting and playing in Waterval Boven.

Waterfal Boven Elands River

Thank you Rock 'n Rope!

Gustav and Alex have contributed immensely to the development of climbing in Boven, through cleaning and bolting routes, laboriously clearing pathways, as well as hosting many events such as the historical Rock Rally. This bring the community together and ignites psych to climb in the beautiful orange forest. They have really dedicated a lot of their own time, money and energy in many forms to progressing the evolution of rock climbing and community in Boven, by helping underprivileged communities have access to learning all about rock climbing and mountaineering and bringing all different groups together to help and learn from each other. So, from the FA community to them, we are forever grateful!



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