Retro Flash Bouldering in Johannesburg

Bouldering in Johannesburg with Retro Flash

Bouldering in Johannesburg just upgraded with a whole wall filled with infinite possibilities, problems, movements, holds of all shapes sizes, and colors. The Retro Flash App helps you manage all these possibilities and makes the spray wall a bit more tangible and enjoyable by making it all about the Johannesburg climbing community.  

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Why focus on climbing a Spray Wall?

The FA spray wall is one of the most widely used training tools in the climbing gym, and it is proven to work if you want to be a stronger boulderer!

Friends and Allies set out to create a training facility, which is why almost half our gym is a spray wall. Let’s be real it’s not the most “User friendly” and by that I mean it can be quite intimidating.

For a lot of us, we don’t always know where to start. Playing add-on with your friends is a great place to start but we want to help you unlock the full potential of this wall.

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How Retro Flash will improve your climbing training

We have looked around a lot and have come up with the best solution out there.

The Retro Flash App is here to help unlock that spray wall door for you. Simply put like our comp-styled wall where colors show you the way, Retro Flash highlights hold in a sequence to offer you a problem.

A little bit of time to look at the wall and look at the holds highlighted will go a long way for your climbing training. It does take some getting used to it but spend the time and you will have too many problems to try.

We have created many problems on the spray already. But the beauty is that you can add your own. Projects, moderates, circuits, you think of it and now your climbing community can do it. Take some time to get together some tasty sequences that you and your friends can session.

Leave your make by opening new problems, give them a name and a grade and let the climbing community see what you have done.

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Let's grow our climbing training together

At Friends & Allies the spray wall will always be a big topic.

There is too much to talk about in one post. From limit problems to circuits, setting rules to smashing 4 x 4 over the next few months we will release an article on just another way to make the most of the spray! 

Showing everyone bouldering in  Johannesburg why we believe the Spray Wall is one of the best climbing training tools there is.  

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