Totem Cams Size 0.5 – 1.8

If you’re going to whip on it, it better be state-of-the-art! Totem Cam offer incredible holding strength and come in a variety of sizes. The expansion range of 1.64:1 makes the placement and removal easier. The practical design makes handling it simple and comfortable while keeping it light and durable.

The strong springs hold the lobes in place and prevent walking. Add a set of Totem Cams to your trad rack for the best in clean climbing gear.

Technical Specs:

Size     Range     Strength     Weight

0.50 (black)     11,7-18,9mm     6KN     69gr

0.65 (blue)     13,8-22,5mm     8kN     75g

0.80 (yellow)     17-27,7mm     9kN     83g

1.00 (purple)     20,9-34,2mm     10kN     95g

1.25 (green)   25,7-42,3mm     13kN     109g

1.50 (red)     31,6-52,2mm     13kN     132g

1.80 (orange)     39,7-64,2mm     13kN     144g