Singing Rock Oxy Oval Screwgate Carabiner

Singing Rock’s Oxy Oval carabiner is perfect for use when belaying, rappelling, or anchor building. The wide oval shape makes it easier to turn the carabiner around in attachment points or anchors and helps gear like pulleys to load correctly. The locking gate is designed not to snag and has deep grooves on the locking sleeve that make it easy to twist.


The hot-forged I-beam lets this carabiner stand among the lightest and strongest of its kind. Each carabiner is individually tested by Singing Rock for a strength of 10 kN across the major axis. Should the gate open, you’ll be happy to still have a strength of 7kN.

Technical Specs:

Material: light alloy (anodized)

Weight: 74g

Strength: 26kN

Strength loaded across: 8kN

Gate opening: 21mm