DMM Nut Set No. 1-11

The Wallnut from DDM is a versatile piece of gear for traditional climbing. Use it in two orientations, allowing one nut to cover a range of cracks. The tapering across the face and side allows for perfect placement on cracks which are rarely parallel. The grooves on the faces make these nuts stand out from those currently on your rack. It helps to reduce the weight while often giving you the necessary movement to find better placement.

The stiff wires help when placing overhead and are bombproof to hold your whip. You’ll see the striking colours are the same for other gear in the DMM range helping to indicate the size. A harder alloy is used for the smaller sizes to prevent shearing, while larger sizes are softer so that they can bite into place. The larger nuts feature hollow areas and are incredibly lightweight.

Technical Specs:

Size Colour Strength Weight

No.1 6.7/14.3mm Purple 15g 7kN

No.2 8.1/15.8mm Green 26g 9kN

No.3 9.4/16.5mm Silver 28g 11kN

No.4 11/17.6mm Gold 30g 12kN

No.5 13.2/19.4 Blue 32g 12kN

No.6 15.6/22.6mm Red 39g 12kN

No.7 18.9/25.8mm Grey 40g 12kN

No.8 22.3/29mm Turquoise 45g 12kN

No.9 25.2/32.1mm Gold 50g 12kN

No.10 28.8/32.6mm Silver 56g 12kN

No.11 33.1/37.4mm Green 68g 12kN