Omsight Studio – One Year Later

Omsight Studio

We can’t believe it’s been a whole year of growing and flowing. A year of Omsight Yoga Studio, outside play, and even Mountain Mayhem Adventures. A year of calm, balance, play, flow, and breath.

As we’ve said before we could have put up more climbing walls in the space (which we all know would have been epic), but we felt the space could be utilized in a far better way that would have a greater impact on the community. So we decided to create Omsight Studio. A space we classify as a movement studio, rather than a yoga studio.

Yoga class

Learning About Movement & Flow

Yes, we wanted to create calm and balance to the chaos and high energy of Friends and Allies and our daily lives, but it was more than that. We wanted a space that could be used to learn about movement and flow; your breath and your body; your strength and weaknesses; a place where we can balance the training we do for climbing with training for living well. And most of all a space to connect not only with others, but with ourselves.

We believe that connection through a supportive community directly impacts how we learn to understand and love ourselves. Connection is a powerful tool that encourages healing, growth, and understanding. That’s why at Omsight we not only wanted to invite the existing movement community to the space, but we wanted to create a foundation for our own community within the FA sphere. 

Your Space To Be Creative & Grow

We wanted to create an environment that encourages and invites new creative ways to move and groove. We hoped for this space to become not only a safe haven for calm and balance, but a space to experiment in.

A brand that encourages the different, wacky, and expressive channels and activities, and provides a space to fully and comfortably nurture all of these different movements. Whether that be in the studio or outside, Omsight hopes to facilitate all kinds of creative flow and expressive people!

The Events Ain't Stopping Here

Slow and steady, in perfect Omsight style, we have been working towards achieving these goals. From ParkPlay every third Sunday where we host free yoga classes and encourage movement of all different genres to come together, to hosting juggling socials and events like We Move Up (a female inspired climbing event at the studio), to creating Mayhem with amazing morning flows on top of the mountains!

What a beautiful journey of collaboration, connection, and support from Acro Yoga, to Pilates, to Slacklining and everything movement in between!

We hope this space has allowed your mind to be free and your body to create, and has prepared you for the world and the adventures we can have in it. We can’t wait to see what more Omsight has to offer not only in the climbing community but as a movement sanctuary.

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Jenna Clarke

Jenna Clarke

The designer and artist responsible for the style and feel of FA & Omsight.

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