Omsight Is How We Flow Into 2022

Omsight Studio Flow

Flowing Into Omsight's Movement

“The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do. If you don’t move, your body will make you better at not moving. If you move, your body will allow more movement.”
– Ido Portal

The Omsight Studio logo has a circular uninhibited hand-drawn brushstroke to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. Movement is an essentially part of our being, and the more you move the more your body allows.

We wanted to create a studio that encourages that, not just movement through yoga but all types of movement. We wanted to create a calm space that encouraged creativity, a space that gives the eye a break from the busyness of Friends and Allies, but still embodies that FA spirit of fun and play. A space you walk into and can feel yourself let out a big ‘ahhhh’. 

Flow into 2022
The Omsight Studio logo represents the freedom your body gets through movement.

Creating A Serene Space For Your Flow

When you walk into the studio you are faced with an accent wall of calm blue, easing you into the space. Then you turn around and you see the big, bold, yet understated shapes. Shapes that are inspired by and symbolise movement.

The intention of the space is to be serene yet still embody the fun-loving nature of the gym ethos. All the shapes are hand drawn and painted with no real guidelines or perfection, this represents the creativity and freedom of the space as well as reflects the hand drawn brush stroke of the Omsight logo.

Our goal was to create fun, clean, organic, light abstract shapes with warm, earthy, pastel colours to brighten up the space but in a more understated manner. Colours that are bright yet soothe the soul.

Omsight Studio creates movement flow
The fun, clean, organic, light abstract shapes with warm, earthy, pastel colours to brighten up the Omsight Studio.

Experience Omsight In Your Flow State

The shapes and colours are there to ease the mind and craft a space for the body to create, move and celebrate. Omsight studio, just like Friends and Allies was such an epic creative journey in so many ways. We hope you enjoy the space as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

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