MMF 2024 Pre-Fest Build Up

The year is flying by, and the Easter Weekend is sooner than usual. The FA Family knows what that means – Mayhem Mountain Festival baby! Each year, the highline community makes a sacred pilgrimage to Boven to fly in the sky for a whole long weekend.

(c) Chris Doman

Festival Essentials

The Fest begins on the 28th of March and runs to the 1st of April at Mayhem Mountain Adventures, follow the link on Google Maps. As soon as you roll your wheels onto the Mayhem Farm, the fun starts. We will scan your ticket and make sure that you are pointed in the right direction to start your fun! We’ve been working hard on getting the campsite ready for you to pitch your tent in the Mayhem. The woofers have made some upgrades to the campsite, without losing the essence of the chaos we all know and love. 


Know that the Mayhem Mountain Adventure Campsite has electricity in the form of solar. Most of this energy will be used to power the refrigeration but you will be able to power some electronics throughout the festival. Refrigeration space is limited so keep it to essentials being cooled. No drinks will be allowed in the fridges so it is best to bring a lekker big cooler box. We will be doing periodic ice runs so ice will be available to refill your containers.

(c) Chris Doman

Safety First

As per tradition, we start out MMF with a safety meeting. While highlining is an incredibly safe sport – the gear is bomber – human error can have serious consequences. So we would like to have a chat with the Mayhem crew and make sure we’re all on the same page regarding Highline best practices. If there is one activity to join it is this one, we will run you through the entire festival program and delve into the ins and outs of the festival.

(c) Chris Doman

Activities and Workshops

This year, we’ve decided to add a bit more to your itinerary, along with our usual program of climbing, yoga, trail running and flow activities.. There will be a splicing and tie-dye workshop as well this year! We asked ourselves – how can we make the fest shirts more of a communal activity? Tie-dye was our answer, so you can look forward to crafting your unique shirt to commemorate the Mayhem of 2024. The splicing workshop will focus on making slings. For the keen beans out there wanting to get more into highlining, this workshop will be a great fountain for building the skills of creating the gear you need out there.

(c) Chris Doman

Friendships, Wattles and Vendors

Over the weekend, Mayhem is visited by a couple of local vendors to share some of that tasty Boven love. So make sure to have your cash ready if you are a bit lazy to provide the nourishment needed for the day. On Saturday, we’re even having a community spot braai! Dala a mere R100.00 for the tasty goodness. Perhaps the best part of MMF is the Saturday night bush doof. This is where all the burgeoning friendships get solidified in a night of dancing under the stars. DJ Aymeric’s last set will be at this venue, and how can you not indulge in the subtle beats of DJ NotTim – don’t miss it.

(c) Chris Doman

The End

Last burns, de-rigs and somber goodbyes before everyone journeys back home on the Monday. Mayhem is always a crazy and wild ride but it exemplifies so much of what makes the community such a special thing to be a part of. At the start of the weekend, you’ll have a firm grasp of what is yours. By the end, you may be walking away with someone else’s fork or spoon, and they may have yours. This is all part of the sharing and communal nature of Mayhem.

What makes this festival so special is its ability to create friendships and solidify the cooperative nature of our community. Whether you’re tricking on the lines or attempting your first mount – the psych level is the same. 

Embrace the Mayhem. See you in Boven.

Kat Odendaal

Kat Odendaal

Gym Worker at Friends and Allies

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