T.I.A – We Will Be Pushing The Climbing Comp Limits!

Climbing Gym Live Streaming Tjoms in Arms

Join us in the Virtual and experience the future of climbing as we live stream our 1st Tjoms in Arms Climbing Competition on the 18th of September 2021.

Qualifiers From 07:00 and Finals at 17:30.

A whole day of climbing to that you can join from the start or just drop in on between belays at the crag! 

Tjoms in Arms, Because
This Is Africa!

And where we are from it’s all about supporting your Tjommies, being involved wherever you might be and working hard to innovate the sport of climbing in South Africa. 

That’s why we will be streaming the whole Tjoms in Arms Boulder Comp for all our Tjommies to join in on the day and experience it all! 

Watching Live Stream Climbing
Watching Live Stream Climbing Comps in Africa has never been easier!

We are a small climbing gym and on the cutting edge of SA climbing

FA is a small gym, with only 180 sqm available. We have always had to be cleaver with the space we use, 140 sqm of climbing wall leaves little room for much else. 

Our hang board library is small, compact and interchangeable. We have a Scallywags campus board that opens the space by letting in more natural light and storage and seating systems that run up the back of the climbing wall… 

As our space is limited and our innovation is endless, live streaming the Tjoms in Arms Boulder Comp is the way to go! 

Tjoms in Arms is a live streamed event
It doesn't matter where you are crushing, you can be part of the action on the day

Making Climbing visible throughout the Made In Workshop & Around SA.

This has always been the main priority. This is so that all of our Friends and Allies around the country and the continent can get a taste of what is going down at our first ever Tjoms in Arms Boulder Comp. 

Another consideration is that there is limited space in the gym for competitors, staff and supporters. Allowing only a handful of close supporters for the competitors. For the rest of us, Spark Cafe in the MIW is the place to be. 

Streaming the event downstairs puts you close enough to the event to be part of the loud cheers that vibrate through the building. Keeping the psych high throughout the day long event! 

Climbing is a live streamed event
So pull up a pad, get psyched and know TIA is open to everyone, wherever they be!

It's all about supporting your Tjoms in Arms

You and your Tjommie have been supporting each other the whole day throughout the competition. Teams of Tjommies have been supporting other Tjommies competing. Now with the power of technology all the Tjommies can support the finalists, no matter where they are streaming the event from! 

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing… Get your Alle ready, get your belay glasses out for watching the stream on your back and make sure you are ready for an unforgettable TIA Boulder Comp. 

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