Lekker, Local & Handmade Crochet Beanie

Crochet Beanie

Scallywags and Mamma Mushroom Collaboration

Scallywags and Mamma Mushroom have been working hand in hand behind the scenes for a few years now, so we thought, why don’t we create something lekker, local and handmade that can be enjoyed by all you nomads and dirtbags out there.

Crochet beanie
Scallywags and Mamma Mushroom Collaboration

Limited-edition crochet beanies

We decided to make some limited-edition crochet beanies designed specifically for the scallywags and the scoundrels. These beanies are more than just an item to keep your head warm while bouldering or for a winter jol. They are a product of two brands who pride themselves in producing products that are environmentally and socially conscious. The local is lekker movement is one that both brands are very passionate about and that’s why we thought the Scally Beanie would be a perfect addition.

Crochet Beanie
Designed specifically for the scallywags and the scoundrels.

It's all about conscious climbing

Mamma Mushroom’s goal is to create funky and unique items that empower our community, as well as getting back to our roots of creating and loving the process.

Reconnecting with the materials, the tools, and the customer. We want to create relationships as well as an awareness and understanding, not only about craftsmanship but about the industry and the importance of slowing it down.

Similarly, Scallywags Climbing is all about conscious climbing: being in, and appreciating, nature. They create products that are not only economical for the dirtbag climber, but sustainable for our environment. Less plastic, an increase in sustainability, and ethical practices are non-negotiable for them. 

We thought it would be the perfect collaboration!

Scallywags Beanie
We can’t wait to see the Scally Beanie around the gym or at the crag

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