Kloof Fest 2022

Kloof Fest 2022

Hiking up to crest the majestic Magaliesberg mountain range is always the hardest and hottest part of the walk into Upper Tonquani. This year was no different and with my lack of training apparent in every step and each huffing breath I finally stepped onto the stile that marks the border of the MCSA property that houses some of the best trad climbing in the country.

We really are spoiled, having such beautiful rock so close to the big smoke makes the hustle of Jozi seem bearable and as soon as you put your pack down at the campsite it feels like the weight of the world also drops off your shoulders and you’re finally free.

Ultra Classic Trad Climb

Vibing and Climbing in the Kloof

This year the vibe was well chilled and super low key. A bit less effort on the marketing side meant that the group was small and intimate. Of course, epic trad climbing was still the goal and on Saturday morning the crews went off to do what they had planned. Hard crushing mixed with some learning and feet finding happened all over Boulder, Tonquani and Cederberg kloofs. As usual, some first rock climbs, first trad leads, first trad follows and first night sleeping under the stars were had by the maats that joined. It was great to see the progress in the crew from last year’s fest who have been crushing it up in Limpopo over the last year.

Saturday night at the Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee campsite was a soothing blend of gas stove cooking and chats about life, the universe and everything. The moments of the day were repeated as people pulled in, some later than others, until we all basked in the completeness of full stomachs and quality friends under the open sky.

Kloof Fest Climbing

Bringing the Heat and enjoying the Sun

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny and the view from my sleeping bag was magnificent. In the foreground was the smooth grassy plain that leads to Tonquani and in the distance the ridgeline of the Magalies extended westwards over the horizon. The temperature over the weekend was roughly 1000 degrees and the soothing pools provided welcome respite from the hot sun. Abseiling down the sun soaked walls of Boulder kloof into the shade really bought home how hot I had been. Leading trad routes in the sun was the training I needed for some upcoming adventures and through the sweat dripping from under my helmet I couldn’t help but marvel at the quality of the climbing.

In a fortunate and unfortunate turn of events I ended up hiking out after sunset on Sunday evening. A blessing because the temperature dropped into the manageable high twenties with the sunset although it meant getting into bed too late for the busy week I had planned. My head hit the pillow and after a slideshow of epic moments with epic maats my brain turned off and I was KO. Needless to say, I woke up feeling pretty wrecked on Monday.

Hope you did too.

Beautiful magalies

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