This handcrafted china’s not from China, china!

Handcrafted china

Handcrafted china comes easy when you’re part of a group of creatives like those in Made In Workshop, its natural to share craft and create in tandem with others. This is something that I am most excited about in the community at MIW and Friends and Allies, we’re working and creating together, ultimately helping each other in the process. 

Kilnhouse Design Studio Is Proud To Be Part Of The FA & MIW Community

It was a natural step to become part of this project and create custom café-ware for the shop and gym to reflect the community we are all a part of. Adding a small piece of my world to it. I can’t help but add that I was pretty stoked to be part of the experience as well!

During the conceptualisation, it was important for the identity of MIW and FA to remain separate but still work together – so at Kilnhouse Design Studio we created hand carved mugs to mimic the facets of a rock wall and, adding tool marks to those carved details to represent the workshop and some of its hand tools.

One of the easiest decisions to make was the colour. The team wanted to ensure that unlike their predecessors they would be pretty bright to make sure that they don’t hide behind machines on the workshop floor, although it’s possible they’re still doing that.

It Is All About That Wheel Throw Flow, In Creating Your FA Mug

Each mug and plate is wheel thrown, hand carved, marked with tools and put through its paces at high temperatures in the kiln. They’re Kilnhouse’s hand in the community and we’re pretty proud be a part of this amazing community! Even if its just in the small way you’re able to enjoy a good cup of coffee

Hand Crafted Designer Mugs
Your FA & MIW Cups At The End Of The Process!

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