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Exploring the Wonders of Rocklands Basecamp

Rocklands Basecamp is a hidden gem nestled amidst the rugged beauty of South Africa. This awesome destination, located in the Cederberg was started by Alex Bester, Jessie and Leah. It has become a home away from home for climbers around the world when they make their way to Rocklands for the bouldering season.

The climbing

Rocklands Basecamp has breathtaking landscapes, exceptional rock formations, some of the best sport climbing routes at the Bester crag (50+- sport routes) and some epic boulders in the backyard (40+-) ranging from easy to hard.  Rocklands Basecamp is a haven of natural beauty. The landscape is dominated by unique sandstone rock formations and fynbos, forming a dramatic backdrop against the vast blue skies.

Rocklands Base Camp

The community

Rocklands Basecamp not only gives you easy access to all the bouldering areas in Rocklands, which have some of the world’s best boulder problems, but they also give you access to a vibrant and welcoming place for the climbing community.

Basecamp itself offers various amenities, including a campsite, climbing hub, a glamping spot, classic caravan spot and a unique communal kitchen. If you have any spices laying around, you can take them with you to donate to their spice rack in the kitchen.  They have solar power – enough to charge your devices or work online from there, Wi-Fi and of course hot showers.

Rocklands Basecamp is where you will find local and international climbers exchanging beta, inspiring one another, forming lasting friendships, learning interesting new camping food recipes, chilling next to the fire with people playing different instruments and just having a good time . A place where you can feel at peace and surrounded by nature and freedom.

The beta

Camping prices: R150 a night

If you are interested to stay at this epic place please email them on rocklandsbasecamp@gmail.com

Also give them a follow on Instagram – rocklandsbasecamp 

Trust me this is one place you want to add to your bucket list.

Lidia Skinner

Lidia Skinner

Gym Manager at Friends and Allies

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