Get a Taste Of The FA Balcony

Most evenings I find myself sitting at what seems to be a Lego-inspired bar countertop. The intention is to drink it all in. I sit comfortably with the odd knee knock on a steel bar. I look up at a site that has become a very important part of my daily life. It happens every day. That tasty sunset over the hill with the busy highway lit up by car lights. It is one of the most calming views we can experience on the reg.

My hand is feeling crisp as it cradles an amber coloured Shy draft, cold to the touch. Perhaps not brewed in the usual taste, but a taste that was fabricated just a few floors down. The smell of metabella, brought up to the gym by the odd breeze rising up, as the beer is brewing. Shy breweries has been brewing in the Made in Workshop basement for a while, and we are so stoked to share it with our Friends and Allies. It really has never been easier to sit, take it all in, and just breath out the day with a beer and friends. While building up psych for your next climbing session! 

Conversations get easily started on  the FA balcony. Chatter of past adventures, with all the excitement of being there, and whispers of adventures to come. This bouncing balcony is becoming the new hot spot for climbers to get connected and take their climbing outside. I hope that this little balcony will continue to facilitate the planning of trips and become the origin of many climbing memories. 

Come get a taste, not only of our in house craft beer by Shy Brewery, but also a taste of the climbing community and what’s potting outside. We are your Friends and Allies and really just want to help our maats have the most skitz time possible. So come join us for the next beer and help us plan the next climbing trip!

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