Friends and Allies Fables 2024

Friends and Allies Fables

Hosted annually, the fables boulder league comprises of  six chapters. The first chapter in 2024 starts on the 29th of January and finishes on the 3rd of February. Sync with our Google calendar to add the dates to your own.

FAF calendar
Map of FAF chapters

Our Annual Boulder League

Our goal is to get more and more people pushing themselves and climbing more through good old competition. We are excited to do this for the third year and can’t wait to share the psyche with all of you. 

Rocklands – FAF Chapter 4

Rocklands is South Africa’s home to world-class bouldering. The field of rocks where every serious SA boulderer tests their mettle. Visiting Rocklands isn’t a matter of if, it’s when.

The Drakensberg – FAF Chapter 3

FAF Chapter 3 sets the scene for the home of mountaineering in South Africa. The Barrier of Spears is home to some of our countries fiercest legends and a place of deep spiritual significance.

Boven – FAF Chapter 2

Waterval Boven, often hailed as the Mecca of sport climbing in South Africa is the theme for out second FAF Chapter in 2024! This venue is steeped in history and tradition. It’s a place to test yourself, build lasting friendships and v

The Beginnings – FAF Chapter 1

2024 Begins with the dawn of a new FAF series. This year we walking in the footsteps of SA’s pioneer climbers and developers. Chapter 1 takes us to the epic limestone crag of Oudtshoorn.

FA Fables 2023: Seven Summits

We can’t believe it either. A whole year has passed and a book of fairy tales has been written. The Friends and Allies Fables (FAF) of 2022 was our first foray into the world of a league style boulder event and we really enjoyed the freedom we had to create. We created a whole new way of thinking about boulder leagues, we created hundreds of problems and we created a space that allows us to express ourselves through climbing. All of this tied into Tjoms in Arms, our team based bouldering competition that happens in September. So, hang on to your Mamma Mushroom hat, we’re gearing up for 2023. The history of climbing as a sport begins in the alpine valleys of Europe, people began to conquer the mountains around them in the quest to explore, fill in the blank

FA Fables

The FA Fables

The FAF we all love FAF (noun) – An overcomplicated task, especially one perceived as a complete waste of time. Perhaps the FAF boulder league was a little overcomplicated. Well, that is in terms of a boulder league. Each chapter is themed and thought out, taking you on an epic journey.  What an adventure it was. We hosted 6, week-long leagues throughout the year. It doesn’t seem all that much but that’s a total of 36 days. Yeah, yeah, that’s over a month of trying hard.  Why you should appreciate the FAF We had 30 perfectly choreographed boulders for you during each round. 180 quality blocs. Each set took the setting team about 15 hours. Almost a total of 4 days of setting. I can understand, to the untrained eye, how one can perceive this as a complete waste of

Big Bad Boulder Pad

FAF – Chapter 4: The Big Bad Boulder Pad

The Story of The Big Bad Boulder Pad Lil Red grew up in a family of climbers, she was crushing the boulders in the forest around their cabin by the age of ten and for her 17th birthday she got a letter from her grandmother telling her to come visit and they would go on a climbing trip together. She packed her bags and the new Tenaya Oasis she got from her parents. Strapping her Swank Board to the outside of her backpack she announced to her parents that she was ready to hit the road. “Beware out there” her mother warned, “there are many dangers for a young crusher on the road”. Lil Red started down the track to the cottage where her grandmother lived, the forest was dark and broody as she walked, the overcast sky leaving poorly

Friends and allies fables

FAF – Senderella & The Magic Slipper

A Long Time Ago In A Boulder Field Far Far Away… Senderella walked the road back home. Tired from a day of moving pads around for her stepsisters and their boulder bro’s. She walked away from all the boulder bros hanging around her step sisters. They always looked overdone with makeup and accessories, with boys frothing to carry their pads on the short approach. Her evil step mother was also their taking selfies near Chris Sharma and winking at him. All Senderella wanted to do was get on her project and send it, but something was stopping her. Ella visualised her project’s moves and ignored the loud crowd as she walked  to her proj with her well worn pad and scuffed up climbing pants. She went over the moves confidently and imagined the holds even smaller than they actually were.

The Nut In the Stone FAF

FAF – The Nut In The Stone

The FAF is a Climbing Comp that starts off with tales from distant lands about a mystical nut that can bring together and align a climber’s psych, channeling it into the ultimate frothy send energy the world has ever seen. These tales have been whispered and passed down from generation to generation and last week saw the retelling of the FAF’s first chapter, The Nut in the Stone climbing comp at FA.   Creating A Space To Conquer Setting the scene for the rest of this epic journey the First Chapter of The FAF is where our climber hero’s joined into a journey of overcoming themselves and unlocking the mythical powers of sendy froth along the way. All while chilling with their companions on the mats, facing their challenges on the wall and ending the evening off with a cold brew

Climbing into a Johannesburg Training Fantasy in 2022

The 2022 FAF – The Next Climbing Legend

Since The Dawn Of Climbing There Has Been Competition. Who was first to the top, who did it in the best style, who did the hardest route, who did it the quickest? Some people love the pressure that comes with competition, some people love the camaraderie of a day climbing with friends.  Last year we held our first competition: Tjoms in Arms. A new take on an old tradition, a bouldering competition with a twist, climb with a partner and see who has the best team and who has the most fun. A competition doesn’t have to follow the Olympic format to be competitive, as long as everyone agrees to the rules and tries their best you’ve got what you need to add some spice to a day of climbing. Palms are sweaty, knees feel heavy, there’s chalk on my