Finger Strength With Follow The Hanger

Follow The Hanger

Fingers and Finger Strength

When we look at climbing we start to see that our fingers and finger strength plays an important role in becoming a better climber, both indoors and outdoors. A big part of the physical aspect of climbing is being able to hold on and not fall off. Strong fingers can help you get through if you have a lot of technical and mental areas to improve. 

When you’re new to climbing or have climbed for a while but are busy plateauing, you start to think what can I do to be a better climber and get stronger fingers? Follow the Hanger might just be the answer for you!

Hangboard Training Can Be Fun
Get your fingers and tendons strong for your next project.

Climbing Has Three Main Aspects

These three aspects play a very big role in climbing performance and improving your climbing and are: physical, technical and mental.

The physical aspect involves strength and mobility in the body. The technical aspect is the movement and skill set used to get to the top and lastly, but very important, is the mental aspect that kicks in the moment your feet leave the ground, and even plays a role in training for climbing. Having a good balance of these three aspects will help evolve your climbing and get you closer to your goals.

Finger Strength
The psych is high when Follow the hanger is on.

Get Strong While Being Creative

Follow the Hanger is an activity which involves hangboarding, grip strength, fun and community. It happens every Thursday night at 19:15 with me, Lidia. We come together and work on our finger strength in an exciting and efficient way.

If you look at the name “Follow the Hanger” you will see it sounds a lot like “follow the leader” and that is exactly what happens. Each person taking part gets a chance to be the “leader”, you get to pick 5 different hangs, either on our big selection of hangboards or you can go and climb out of the box and pick grips on the walls to hang on. We hang for 10 seconds and then have a 10 second break.

Follow the Hanger is a fun, creative space to get stronger and get more confidence with the correct technique, side by side with your friends and allies. Getting closer to your goal of becoming the best climber you can be. So pack your chalk and see you on Thursday to follow the hanger.

Getting Stornger With your Friends and Allies
Use training with maats to improve your hanging time.

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