FAF – Senderella & The Magic Slipper

Friends and allies fables

A Long Time Ago In A Boulder Field Far Far Away...

Senderella walked the road back home. Tired from a day of moving pads around for her stepsisters and their boulder bro’s. She walked away from all the boulder bros hanging around her step sisters. They always looked overdone with makeup and accessories, with boys frothing to carry their pads on the short approach. Her evil step mother was also their taking selfies near Chris Sharma and winking at him.

All Senderella wanted to do was get on her project and send it, but something was stopping her. Ella visualised her project’s moves and ignored the loud crowd as she walked  to her proj with her well worn pad and scuffed up climbing pants.

She went over the moves confidently and imagined the holds even smaller than they actually were. She went back to the crux, a tenuous move off slopers and tiny feet to a rounded bulge she held with one hand as she swung away from the just off vertical face.

Her hands were comfortable on the rounded slopers but as soon as her foot popped off the small hold she fell, scraping her tips on the rough sandstone over and over, until she came down hard on the pad with all her Stepsisters laughing at her!

Senderella & Her Magic Slippers

Who knows what holds you’ll be playing on? Something we love about the FAF is mixing up the colour / difficulty relationship.

As Senderella was busy packing up her boulder pad she knew what she needed, a fresh edge that would carry her over the small creases in the wall that her old shoes kept slipping off.

She needed new shoes and she’d seen what she needed, the Mad Rock Remoras. They were a soft, sensitive slipper that could melt into the ripples of the wall below. As she walked into a quiet section of the forest a fairy godmother appeared with a magic token and wise words to share,  “Go shop at the bombest online gear store in SA and use this code at checkout.”

She went online to VertigoGear and looked at the Remoras. Once she found her size she checked out, put in the magic code and they arrived by magic mail 20 minutes later.

Armed with her new Ramoras, Senderella knew what to do. She’d have to earn the respect of the Remoras, so she decided to set a challenge for herself. She would go through the forest and open 30 new boulders! As she started ticking the problems she ranked them and compared the problems to the others and soon she had a list of 29 boulders. Having built a strong pyramid base ranked from easiest to hardest and waiting for her proj to take the spot of the 30th boulder sent.

Boulder Comp
Get ready to get out of your comfort zone. The FAF makes you try the things that are hard and different to your usual. You’re welcome.

Sending Happily Ever After

The day finally came when Senderella approached her final project. She strapped on her magical slippers and with the power of projecting and building confidence over time sent her hardest first ascent and opened the new hardest boulder in Font! 

She filmed it from a bunch of angles and popped it on the Gram for the whole world to see. 

The handsome Prince Alexogos saw her video and klapped her a quick follow, soon he slid into her DMs. Love blossomed as it only can in a FA fable and sooner than you could say “psaaaaaaaaaaaaaat” they landed in Rocklands for their wedding and honeymoon.

Sending happily ever after and into our Friends and Allies Fables!

Senderella & the magic slipper
Make sure you take the time to prepare for your flash attempt. Visualising the moves is a powerful trick for flashing hard boulders.

The 2nd Chapter Of The FAF Has Arrived

Next week at Friends and Allies there will be 30 boulders, rated from easiest to hardest. Only the brave climbers who send all 30 boulders will go into the draw to win a set of Scallywags Micro training edges.

We want your send footy on IG and we’ve got a second lucky draw for anyone who tags us on IG in a video, reel or IGTV. Use the #FAFables to enter.

You have all week, from the 7th to the 12th of March to session the problems, get your sends online and enter your scores. This time you get points for flashing as well as for sending so really get psyched and warm for those first burns.

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