We want to grow, educate and inspire.

Our Events

Friends and Allies is a community based bouldering gym based in Johannesburg. Our mission is to create and facilitate a space to grow and have a positive effect on climbing in South Africa. To serve those who seek a world-class climbing and training facility.

As an indoor bouldering gym, we want to provide a space where people can express themselves, grow and find a community. A community that has created a space to encourage all. The result is the beautiful display of camaraderie we see at our climbing events hosted throughout the year.

Mayhem Mountain Festival 2024

Add the above dates to your calendar. MMF is happening on the 28th of March – 1st of April in 2024. We look forward to sharing the build-up and the psych with you all!

FAF calendar

Friends and Allies Fables

Hosted annually, the fables boulder league comprises of  six chapters. The first chapter in 2024 starts on the 29th of January and finishes on the 3rd of February. Sync with our Google calendar to add the dates to your own.

Tjoms in Arms 2023

Hosted annually after the Friends and Allies fables boulder league, TIA brings setters from around the country to host a full day of climbing. TIA is unlike any other bouldering comp as you compete in teams of two, with 30 qualifying rounds in the morning and a session styled finals in the evening.