Come Experience The Value Of Shared Space

As I am sure you know. We are all about community! People swapping stories, sharing their experiences and helping people around them build knowledge. It is part of the DNA of Friends and Allies and where we find ourselves today is because of the unfiltered help we received from the people around us! 

Let’s take a step back, way back, to the start of Scallywags. Wes started a business to produce the Boo Boo Butter we all know and love, but how do you grow from there? It was only once we utilized Made In Workshop that the business started to manufacture training products. Scallywags was the seed for the space we find ourselves in today. And Scallywags only grew like it did because of the nourishing expertise it received from Made In Workshop.

Tim and Wes in the Made In Workshop

What is this Made in Workshop you might wonder? It is the best maker space in Johannesburg! A maker space is a place where individuals and small businesses can use a wide variety of industrial machining processes to create prototypes, art and products. The Made In Workshop is a hub of innovation and a place for creative people to share ideas and work together. It’s a great privilege to have access to these specialised machines. Usually these expensive machines are reserved for mass manufacture and hidden away by the big boys of production, but at the Made in Workshop all you have to do is ask.

The maker space is a shared space where individuals can meet, share and create together. It is also the home of Friends and Allies, and we want all our maats to share in the creative process being facilitated by this world class maker space! The creative process is different for everyone and the beta can be discussed just like in climbing. Our hope is that it is only a matter of time before these different individuals connect with each other and create something beautiful.

Made in Workshop has recently relocated to Strydompark and offers far more space for machines, storage, a coffee shop and even a small factory on the top floor in which we built our climbing gym. It was this epic collection of people and machines that made Friends and Allies possible. Everything you find in the gym was made with our hands and the tools provided in the building.

Scallywags continues its design and production of training products at MIW… so during your next session or coffee break downstairs. Those grinding, whining and thumping sounds are just more toys being made for you to stay strong. It should be obvious now that we are into sharing our beta. So if you’re interested in making something or learning how to use a tool, machine or design software – the team at MIW are full of experience and happy to help you get your hands dirty!

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