Climbing The 2022 Spray Wall At FA

climbing the spray wall

Climbing the FA Spray Wall

For our seasoned Friends & Allies, the Spray isn’t a new concept but the thought of it may still stir an ounce of fear… which is not the idea at all.

A Spray Wall is a training tool much like weights, hangboards or suspension rings except, with the right approach, can be far more beneficial and fun! You can train everything you need for climbing (even rope work!). 

During FA’s first year alive, we’ve talked with many people about the spray. The general consensus has been, “this wall is too steep”, “where are the jugs!?” or “its too hard for me…”.

Spray wall

The biggest Spray Wall in SA

Now FA literally boasts the biggest Spray wall in South Africa which means there’s no reason we can’t try cater to every body walking into our space. This year we aim to do just that. 

Essentially every square meter of the wall should contain one of each grip type: Jugs, crimps, slopers, pinches, pockets, ping pongs and paw paws. With this variety in holds, anyone should be able to create a boulder problem or full route that challenges their personal climbing abilities. Spray walls are extremely effective training tools because of their versatility. There are basically infinite (!) climbs lurking amongst the chaotic spread of colours.

With the right friends or imagination you can create a boulder in every grade or an entire pumpy endurance journey that takes you seven months to send.

Opening the wall to all

For our 2022 Spray wall set we have really emphasised the accessibility so that you won’t only find the crushers in the corner. The wall now contains a better spread of jugs allowing for good warm-ups or longer route simulation.

We’ve acquired some lekker local wooden holds that we’re testing out in a ‘system’ board, which means you can practise the same movements and techniques symmetrically on the left and right side of your body.

Many people didn’t know this, but we even have a moonboard among the chaos, which is back up (where it was before) hosting about 40 000 different boulder problems set by climbers from around the world. If used correctly, everyone can document their routes and boulders in the local ‘route guide’, sharing the fun and adding to the psych!

Ideally the problems are climbed by many and a consensus grade is reached thus creating a library of unique climbs that can be used by everyone for training. Happy days!


So pop into the gym, give the new Spray a try and tell us what you think. Like fossils hiding beneath millenia of sediment, there are sick climbs waiting to be uncovered in the Spray! 

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