Who has 10 000 hours?

The idea of perfect practice implies that the more we execute a task as close to perfectly as possible, the closer we get to being able to do it perfectly every time. Focused practice with intention is the solution to breaking the 10 000 hour beta.

Training On A Beast Spray Wall

If you’ve ever thought that wall is at too much of a crazy angle, or that that section of the gym has way too many hard holds and that the pros just seem so effortless on it. This section is for you, it will help you tame the Spray Wall Beast.

The Beating Heart of Friends and Allies is You!

Everyone has experienced that feeling before, you are at a new place, someone by the name of Stephen said that you would really enjoy the vibe and to be honest, you just aren’t feeling it.

The Radest, Badest Holds Around!

That feeling of sliding your finger perfectly onto the balance point, hard skin grinding over the textured grip, you stick it. You just landed the crux move on your project, you flow onto the next move and before you know it, you sent your latest project on our brand new holds!