Climb Stronger in 2022 with Scallywags Coaching

Scallywags Coaching is where Climbers Find Their Coaching Partner

Climbing performance is complicated, but we’re here to break it down for you Do you want to climb stronger in 2022? As the home of the Scallywags, Friends and Allies is the perfect place to teach people the art of movement and the science of training. I often hear climbers describe someone who climbs well […]

Till Death Do We Tjom

Female Final Climbers at the TIA Boulder Comp

I think it is natural when you open a gym that you want to host your own boulder competition. It has been a hot topic since before we even built the gym. There is no doubt that over time the gym has opened a space just begging for a comp. As we were navigating through the 3rd wave we picked a time that we thought would be just right, and we don’t think our timing could have been better.

The What & Why of Kloof Fest 2021?

Kloof Fest FA Onsight 2021

The Kloof Fest FA hosted with the MCSA JHB Section might have been the most action the space has seen in a while. That’s because we invited a few people, some experienced and some new, to experience this hidden gem of cascading waterfalls into crystal pools, soaring cliffs and a sense of peace in a place so ancient you can’t help but dive a little deeper into what it means to be alive.

Climbing & Learning at Pre-Kloof Fest!

Wes Walking Into The Kloof

The Kloof Fest is a wonderful thing, word of mouth invites spread and a cool bunch of people arrive in the mountains to enjoy nature in all its glory.

Starting A Climbing Gym In A Pandemic

Small, intimate and impactful is how we have always envisioned our climbing gym and community in Johannesburg. Join us as we share the journey 6 months in.

Climbing Wholeness

Climbing Wholesomely Takes Planning

Climbing for Health & Fitness Gyms opening and closing and restrictions on travel, it is no wonder our climbing goals may seem further out of reach than they have before. But that’s ok. In The Send Is Important , we spoke about goal setting, how to build a pyramid, having multiple goals as well as […]

Basic Climbing Safety Principles

Big Al Is All About Safety

So if Safety Is An Illusion, how do we employ good risk management in our climbing and outdoor life. The climbing life requires a good understanding of forces and knowledge of systems and at the least, conscious competence of some basic climbing skills.  Sometimes progress comes in the form of improvement, and sometimes in the […]