The FA Training Zone For Crushing 2022

climbing training

A tour of the FA training zone I’m sure you’ve seen that bench, the one under the hang boards that has the weights and stuff in it. It’s just a small part of one of our best kept secrets. Have you had a closer look? Like most things at Friends and Allies, the training zone […]

FAF – Chapter 4: The Big Bad Boulder Pad

Big Bad Boulder Pad

The Story of The Big Bad Boulder Pad Lil Red grew up in a family of climbers, she was crushing the boulders in the forest around their cabin by the age of ten and for her 17th birthday she got a letter from her grandmother telling her to come visit and they would go on […]

The Mayhem Mountain Festival 2022 Recap

Mayhem Mountain Festival

It’s Time To Relive the Mayhem Mountain Festival 2022! All the Highliners on all the Lines It’s been almost a month since the Mayhem Mountain Festival and a perfect time to reflect on this project.  We are stoked to be able to work with Laurence from Riding The Highline to share with everyone the magical […]

The Mayhem Mountain Festival 2022

Mayhem Mountain Festival

Everything you need to know about the 2022 Mayhem Mountain Festival It started out small and now it’s a festival. Get ready to make new friends and have the adventure of a lifetime The goal of the festival No one really set out with the idea of creating the Mayhem Mountain Festival, it was just […]

The Mayhem Woof in 2022

Mayhem Woof

Community is the basis of what we do at the Mayhem Over a few weekends in February, March and April the FA community has been hard at work getting the Mayhem Mountain Adventures Campsite in top shape for the Mayhem Mountain Festival. It’s been amazing to see just how psyched people are to contribute to […]

Finger Strength With Follow The Hanger

Follow The Hanger

Fingers and Finger Strength When we look at climbing we start to see that our fingers and finger strength plays an important role in becoming a better climber, both indoors and outdoors. A big part of the physical aspect of climbing is being able to hold on and not fall off. Strong fingers can help […]

FAF – Senderella & The Magic Slipper

Friends and allies fables

A Long Time Ago In A Boulder Field Far Far Away… Senderella walked the road back home. Tired from a day of moving pads around for her stepsisters and their boulder bro’s. She walked away from all the boulder bros hanging around her step sisters. They always looked overdone with makeup and accessories, with boys […]