Category: The Chosspile of Posts

While still adding value to you the reader, the following posts might not have been assigned a catagory at all. A Chosspile of posts that don’t fit in here nor there.

Shy! Brewing

Shy! Brewing Co.

Through links to the major Joburg-based climbing gyms, the founders of Shy! found a kinship with the beer connoisseurs that climb: Spending hours tirelessly mastering their craft, perfecting their form, and experimenting with new techniques.

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A tale of Hands

As a Hand Therapist I get to see all sorts of hands. This may seem a little obvious but I look at different hands day

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What A Year!

Wow, just wow. What a year! Cannot deny it has kinda been all over the place. Got me feeling a bit like smashed avo on

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Hammocks for Friends and Allies

We are busy working on something big for all of our Friends and Allies. Scallywags is working on the development of our own Hammock. So to get everyone psyched we sat down with the most prolific hammocker in Gauteng – Hannes. 

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Home climbing gear

Sanding Thoughts

Ever wondered what it takes to make those beautiful Scallywags campus rungs? Aidan gives a look into the Sanding Thoughts he has along the way.

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