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TIA is a team based event with the top 4 teams in each category invited to compete in the final round.

FAA members hugging

Tjoms in Arms 2023

Tjoms in Arms is South Africa’s largest climbing community bouldering competition. 2023 means we’re on Volume III and it’s just getting better. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Tjoms in Arms

2022 Tjoms In Arms Recap

TIA Vol. II just went down at FA, the wildest climbing comp in JHB has left us with a big climbing hangover. So join us as we relive the day!

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TIA Sponsors & Prizes

The real prizes are the Tjoms you made along the way. That said, we all love to win, especially things and if the title isn’t enough, we have some awesome sponsors who have donated some awesome prizes.

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Female Final Climbers at the TIA Boulder Comp

Till Death Do We Tjom

I think it is natural when you open a gym that you want to host your own boulder competition. It has been a hot topic since before we even built the gym. There is no doubt that over time the gym has opened a space just begging for a comp. As we were navigating through the 3rd wave we picked a time that we thought would be just right, and we don’t think our timing could have been better.

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