A New Boulder and Yoga Matt

Hey hey, fellow adventurers! My climbing journey kicked off back in 2016 when life had me feeling like a wilted plant in need of some serious TLC. Juggling multiple jobs in the hospitality world had me running on fumes, and my health was taking a nosedive. Seeking solace, I stumbled into the bouldering zone at City Rock, hoping for a moment’s respite.

Getting to Grips

Despite battling injuries that first year due to my less-than-stellar health, climbing became my saving grace, grounding me in the present moment and reigniting a passion I’d long forgotten. It marked the beginning of a healthier lifestyle, one centered around movement.

Starting with weekly yoga sessions, I soon found myself delving into Pilates, eager to sync up with my body. Progress was slow in those early days, thanks to my hectic work life, but my dedication never wavered.

Fast forward to today, and I’m hitting the climbing wall four times a week, immersing myself in a world of strength and movement practices like weightlifting and Budoken. The pursuit of climbing excellence even led me to become a Pilates instructor, geeking out over all things core-related (gotta protect that long boi back of mine, you know?).

In the last three years, I’ve taken my climbing beyond the indoor walls, venturing into the great outdoors for some sport climbing and bouldering adventures. Living in CT for a spell was a dream, with trips to Rocklands, Truijkieskraal, and Rooiberg topping my list of favorite memories.

Back to the Big Smoke

Since returning to Johannesburg, I’ve been exploring the climbing wonders of Boven and Chosspile, soaking in the challenges and camaraderie that come with these epic spots. This outdoor escapade has fueled my determination, pushing me to train harder and smarter to reach my climbing ambitions.

Beyond climbing, my heart beats for music and community. As a DJ, I’ve poured my soul into mastering the craft, landing residencies at top venues like The Living Room and Propaganda 011. Weekends find me spinning tunes at electronic music festivals and clubs across the country, with original tracks released on labels like Round Robin Recordings, Suidtronica, and Propaganda 011. Checkout @treepianmusic and @format.sa

Now, as the Gym Manager for Friends and Allies, I’m stoked to bring my years of hospitality and event management expertise to this awesome space. I’m all about enhancing the Friends and Allies experience, ensuring it’s a haven for climbers, music lovers, and community seekers alike.

Let’s climb high, dance wild, and build a community that’s as strong as our grip on the rocks!

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