2022 Boven Open Weekend

Boven Open Weekend

The Boven Open Weekend

The second addition of the Boven Open weekend is behind us, and if this is the first time you are hearing of it, all you can do is make sure you are at the next one.

This event is in part to showcase the lesser known areas of Waterval Boven, and to create greater connection with the community and with the people that choose to spend time there.

This groovy gathering was organized by the Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) together with the Boven Reboot initiative, the Wits University Mountain Club (WUMC) and the Emgwenya Climbing Club.

What It's All About

“Don’t accepts sweeties from strangers” is a phrase im sure you are familiar with. But here in the tranquil mountains of Waterval Boven one would be encouraged to give a stranger a catch. Sounds even more intense than snacking on that sugary sweet. The aim of the weekend is to foster connection within the communities and to just have a good time in the mountains with like minded people.

This year the event was hosted at Tegwaan. A stunning little farm just outside of the main town. The venue was perfect as it allowed easy access to the crags, within walking distance, shaded spots to host yoga and slacklining. Trail running up into the valley and a pool to cool off after a day filled with activities.

Tegwaan is usually known for their roomed accommodation but they really put a lot of effort in to make the venue accommodation to more people. They made space for the messy campers, built additional toilets and showers and pampered the barn into a communal cooking and eating space. 

Waling into waterval boven

How It Went Down

Most people arrived some time on the Friday but it was the Saturday that was filled with all the activities. We took a hike over to Flying is Fun, A morning shaded crag just next to the Boven Town. It was a loaded crag filled with psyched youngsters.

Everybody catches everybody. I don’t think I have ever been to a crag quite as full. Not just filled with physical people but a crag filled with excitement, laughter and just that good good. People were out there sharing knowledge and experience with lead classes, cleaning classes and just little tips and tricks to help that stranger out.

As the day progressed and the sun started to stare deep into our eyes as we looked up at the next quickdraw we made our way over to the Coven to have some lunch and seek some shade. Things continued to flow throughout the afternoon and in dribs and drabs as the day went on people made their way back to the camp to catch a swim and ease into the evening.

The 6 AM run was a big ask on Sunday morning. But the brave did show as people ran up the valley.

For most an easy morning was more up their alley. Around 10Am we gathered under the trees for a rather large yoga gathering, to ground ourselves, reflect and feel good after a busy weekend.

From here people did their own things, some went home, others hung around and took an easy Sunday while others climbed at the Library. A very well rounded weekend.

That’s a wrap for the second addition to the Boven Open weekend.

A very heartwarming weekend. I think a huge thanks to everyone who was involved is needed. To the MCSA, and the atlarge team, the volunteers who donated their time and efforts and to the Tegwaan crew for hosting and making it a very special venue.

Everyone that came through was amazing and really have added something to the community and the growth of Waterval Boven.

Until next year!

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